Cyber Security & Network Security

Robust intrusion detection tools, firewalls, and antivirus software that keep your data safe

Cyberattacks are at an all-time high — are you protected?

When it comes to cybersecurity, small businesses are breached every day because they have relaxed or nonexistent security measures, making them easy targets. Hackers have become more sophisticated, and attacks on networks of all sizes have increased year after year.

With JAD Technologies’ Cybersecurity solutions, we’ll protect your business with multiple layers of security so all your applications run optimally and your data is secure. With automated patch updates, you’ll no longer be vulnerable to cyberattacks that can lead to data breaches and costly downtime.

When your network systems are properly protected, you can run your business operations without a hitch.

Here’s how we’ll protect your network and data from cyberattacks:

  • Regular update management – get the best protection to combat ever-evolving threats
  • Advanced firewalls – prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing your private network
  • Data encryption – ensure your files are unintelligible to hackers
  • Cyber security endpoint protection – stop hackers and bad actors from executing malware and other attacks before they happen
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