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JAD Technologies is within 10 miles of the bustling town of Stamford, Connecticut. With Fortune 500 companies like Synchrony Financial and Charter Communications (Spectrum) located in this town, and new buildings going up every day, it’s no surprise that JAD Technologies is already helping small to medium businesses compete with expert IT solutions.

Whether you are a SaaS company looking towards global expansion, or a busy real estate agency like the Higgens Group, you’ll want to keep costs down and productivity high. That’s where JAD Technologies comes in. What do Managed IT Services include? JAD provides a suite of solutions, including:

What to do Managed IT Services include? JAD provides a suite of solutions, including:

  • Managed Services - an entire IT department at your service, at a fraction of in-house costs
  • IT Consulting - for optimum performance, personalized for your needs and budget
  • Cloud Services and VoIP - tools that allow your teams to work from anywhere on any internet-enabled device
  • Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery - providing peace of mind for owners with layers of security and backup of critical data

Look to us for expert advice, partner with us for top-notch technology solutions, and stay with us because we are reliable, trustworthy and proactive in our approach.

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“Our clients from Stamford are particularly tech-savvy. In a fast-moving location like Stamford, they demand the newest and best technology to stay ahead of the competition”

Joe Pittman

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