5 Ways to increase employee productivity in the workplace

5 Ways to increase employee productivity in the workplace

Productivity is a crucial ingredient of company success. Businesses are constantly finding new ways of improving efficiency and motivation in the workplace, with the advent of new technologies further prompting such progress.

A sharp management strategy offers greater employee retention, innovative results, and higher profits. With Connecticut ranking among the top 10 most productive states in the United States, how can your business live up to the standard?

Use time tracking tools

To effectively improve worker productivity, we must first have a means of measuring it. Gone are the days of time clocks and timesheets (thankfully), and we now have a host of digital tools to automatically track employee time and team progress.

Apps such as Toggl, TimeBoy, and Hubstaff provide business owners with a complete overview of worker performance, along with options to closely manage and monitor company workflow. You can then pinpoint any areas of productivity “leaks” and opportunities for increasing efficiency.

It’ll save time on manually auditing time logs, and reduces the probability of time theft.

Have proper tools for collaboration

Communication is key to business. Inefficient communication costs small companies (those with 100 employees or fewer) an average of $420,000 per year — a figure easily avoided with the right tools.

We now have a large variety of technological solutions for increasing team collaboration, such as online messengers, video conference apps, and cloud services. Such tools streamline communication between workers, and are accessible anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Businesses can enjoy up to a 30% productivity increase as team members exchange ideas and foster discussions more efficiently.

Set realistic goals and delegate well

Your employees are best motivated with a clear focus and direction. Leaving them with a vague idea of their role and objectives can have them floundering, thus hampering your overall team productivity.

Keep your workers on the right track by clarifying your expectations and setting clear-cut goals. This helps them move toward a more defined purpose, reigniting their drive in the process.

Additionally, learn to delegate to the right people. This may involve a bit of risk, and thus, your trust as a manager, but both your staff morale and efficiency will surely benefit. Your workers will be given a chance to exercise their leadership skills and build on experience, leaving them with a greater sense of achievement and career direction.

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Encourage autonomy and avoid micromanagement

It’s no surprise that hovering managers often lead to poor worker performance. It’s hard to function at your best with someone breathing down your neck, and various studies have proven this.

Most workers, in fact, reap greater motivation from autonomy than financial benefits. In a 2015 interview with Hubstaff, productivity expert Robby Slaughter explained that granting freedom over time and resource management fostered greater independence and proof of work ethic among employees. It pays to be more strategic, rather than controlling, when managing a productive team.

Autonomy also cultivates an environment of creativity and new ideas, and allows workers to perform in ways that suit them best, producing higher-quality business results.

Focus on employee well-being

Work-related pressures and anxiety are known to be the leading cause of stress among American adults.

When workers are stressed, not only will they dwindle in productivity and engagement, but your entire business will fail to yield results, in turn.

It’s thus crucial to maintain happy, healthy, and motivated workforce by supporting the mental and physical well-being of employees. Encourage a proper work-life balance and values surrounding self-care (such as adequate sleep, exercise, and time for leisure). This helps your workers feel acknowledged and cared for, avoiding potential workplace burnout.

Of course, be a present manager and offer your guidance when necessary. Providing personal incentives will also motivate your staff to perform at their best, and shows their skills are valued and respected.

Reap the rewards of a productive workforce

Establishing channels of efficient communication and project management is vital to achieving high productivity. JAD Technologies offers Connecticut-based businesses a wide range of cloud solutions to accomplish just this, with robust security and flexible scalability. Optimize your business performance and talk with our experts today.

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